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2 Missing Durham Juveniles Found Safe

Posted February 11, 2008
Updated February 12, 2008

— Two missing juveniles were found safe early Tuesday morning in a church parking lot, Durham police said.

Dewayne Fowler, 10, and Daisaun Fowler, 9, were last seen around 11 a.m. Monday at their apartment, 2507 South Roxboro St.

Officers spent several hours Monday looking for the boys and found them unharmed in a church parking lot on South Roxboro Street at 12:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Neither boy was wearing a coat. No other details were released.


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  • diwanicki Feb 13, 2008

    cuteboyd, ever hear of YR? Maybe they go to year round and are tracked out. I'm glad they were found anyway.

  • cuteboyd Feb 12, 2008

    AGAIN, Why weren't they at school? I'm wondering if the parents will be charged.

  • iamforjustice Feb 12, 2008

    Very glad to see that these two kids are ok. The reason why this situation occured will be released I am pretty sure by this afternoon. I am hoping there was no foul play involved just two kids out having fun and not realizing the consequences of what could happen in situations like leaving home without permission and not letting anyone know where you are going. If this is the case I hope they get a nice beating so this never happens again worrying their parents.

  • tiffany04us Feb 12, 2008

    It's sad that these two young boys are defined as "juveniles". How is that? I see the story aired right at the end of the news last night. Get it together people.

  • Sidekick Feb 12, 2008

    They are 10 year old kids. The did what kids do. Glad it turned out ok.

  • lilwil Feb 12, 2008

    They decided to run away from home. Well, hopefully authorities will check out the home to ensure no abuse was going on first as their reason for running away; if not, then they should be given a stern talking to by the parents and the authorities.

  • ms b Feb 12, 2008

    My thought exactly Aruba.

  • Aruba Feb 12, 2008

    Why weren't they in school?

  • mramorak Feb 12, 2008