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2 Charged, Third Sought on Sex Charges

Posted February 25, 2008
Updated February 26, 2008

— Two Wake County men were charged Monday with sex offenses, and authorities were searching for a third man.

Kevin Acosta and Jose Vidal face sexual offense and sexual exploitation charges. Renan Jimenec was being sought in the case.

Authorities said Acosta attacked a girl at a party while his friends took pictures with a cell phone. The girl was drunk at the time, authorities said.

Acosta and Vidal were each being held in the Wake County Jail on $1 million bond.


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  • illegals--GO HOME Feb 26, 2008

    Just because the girl was drunk does not give any man the right to rape or have sex with her. I agree she should not have gotten that drunk, but the statute is plain, if she is incapable of voicing her objections it is rape. Same difference if she had been asleep when it all started. Guys, if you want sex that bad there are plenty out there willing to give it up....it does not have to be taken!!!

  • Groovy Feb 26, 2008

    If you're drunk and not in control of your thoughts and actions, then bad stuff can happen. I think the girl is just as much to blame as the guys. She shouldn't have put herself in that situation. It wouldn't have happened if she was doing what SHE was supposed to do. She's not blameless.

  • dogmama Feb 26, 2008

    With young girls dressing like Britney Spears and having no limits given to them by parents, people like this will take the opportunity to exploit them. If you dress like a hooker and act like a hooker, you might end up being treated like a hooker. What happened to modesty and parental supervision?

  • dianadarling Feb 26, 2008

    N&O has more - According to arrest warrants, Acosta is charged with raping a 17-year-old female the night of Feb. 15. Kevin Acosta,17 is charged in connection with the rape and cell phone videotaping of the rape of a teenage runaway. He appeared in court today.Another man, 26-year-old Jose Vidal, was charged Feb. 21 in connection with the incident. He faces the same charges.

  • dianadarling Feb 26, 2008

    This is why I tell my girls NOT TO drink. Not just because "mommy says so". But because BAD things can happen. I started having this conversation with them in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.It is so sad that our children have to lose their innocence so young, but knowledge is power.

  • piperchuck Feb 26, 2008

    "What about her parents? It doesn't say anything about the girl being underage or a minor."

    That's the problem with using only one site for all your information. Another local news source lists her age as 17.

    Parents need to instill better values in their kids, especially girls. Why was she alone, and drinking, with several men?

    What these men did was despicable and hopefully their punishments will be severe.

  • briteside Feb 26, 2008

    What about her parents? It doesn't say anything about the girl being underage or a minor.

  • mramorak Feb 26, 2008

    Her parents?

  • iamforjustice Feb 26, 2008

    These things happen because they don't have anything to fear. They don't fear God and his wrath, they don't fear their parents...what can they do to kids nowadays, they don't fear the law...why fear the law when jail cells are a lot of time nicer than your own home. More and more of these immoral acts will occur. They probably won't spend much time in prison and while they are there they can take up a trade, get a degree, lift weights, get the best in medical and dental care. All free. When criminals assault us we are the ones that pays for them to be there and have the good life. So we are screwed twice.

  • hearmeout Feb 26, 2008

    What is wrong with people?? Almost every day there is a new story about sex related charges or other horrible offense.

    Why has it become so hard for people to just do the right thing?? Is it because people just don't have anything to lose anymore? Is it because there is no punishment for crime anymore? Why can't we all just be nice (it's free) kind, considerate, tolerant of others habits (we all have them) and just DO THE RIGHT THINGS? Why be so selfish and unhappy?

    Maybe we need a national "BE NICE" day. For one day out of the year, Smile and Be Nice to every one you see? It's not so hard TRY IT