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'Merry Christmas, Deadbeat Daddies' yields 40 arrests

Posted December 11, 2008
Updated December 12, 2008

— Durham police and sheriff's deputies charged 40 people during a two-day operation targeting people accused of owing child support and of drug offenses.

The people arrested in the "Merry Christmas, Deadbeat Daddies" sweep owed $282,348.85 in child-support payments, police said. Officers also seized heroin, cocaine and marijuana Tuesday and Wednesday.

The amounts owed ranged from $203 to the $26,900, allegedly owed by Ruddie Leroy Bacchus, 37, of Bowler Drive.

Deputies and officers arrested 32 people for nonpayment of child support. Twelve were already jailed on other charges.

Eight other people were arrested on a variety of charges, mostly drug offenses.

They released a list of those arrested.

The joint operation was conducted by the Durham Police Department's HEAT 1, HEAT 2 and Uniform Patrol squads and the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Durham County Sheriff's Office.


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  • kewlmom Dec 15, 2008

    Paulej, in your situation, yes the system is broken. In mine, I will say that if I did not have my kids, I would be living in a one-bedroom efficiency appartment, rather than the house with a yard that the kids can run and play in. Were I in that apartment, my heating and electricity costs would go down considerably as I would not have anywhere near the square footage to heat. I have two teen-age boys...do you have any idea how much they eat? I can handle skipping meals when the money is tight, I can't ask the kids to do that.

    All I want is for my ex to pay his child support. He hasn't paid in 4 months, and probably will not pay until he is threatened with jail. He chooses to sit home and not work and let his wife support him. I'm fine w/ that as long as he helps support his kids. I work full time and go to school part time, I think I'm pulling my fair share in this situation. The sad part is, in all this, it's the kids who loose out...

  • Alexia.1 Dec 15, 2008


    Let's assume you had no child support or no children. You would still have rent, lights, heating gas, and food. The children only add slightly to those costs. For example, rather than 1 bedroom, perhaps you need 2 or 3. Food is really only slightly more, as if heat. I know, because I'm in your situation.

    My ex-wife and I had two kids. She used to complain all the time about not having enough child support. The fact is, the child support amount was fine. Her house payment was just slightly more than what I gave her. She had no daycare costs and other costs were only slightly more. Heck, I even paid for her vehicle, as per the divorce agreement!

    Since then, I got my son, but I still give her the same amount, otherwise she would not agree. She has no rent now, no car payment, no daycare, etc. She just wants money.

    And what about my children's college fund? She is wasting the children's money; there is no college fund.

    We need a new system, as this one is broken.

  • oldrebel Dec 12, 2008

    'Tis the the season...

  • kewlmom Dec 12, 2008

    Oh, and if the non-custodial parent has been laid off due to no fault of their own, the judge is bound by law to lower the payments and have the non-custodial report when they do get a job. (Which is tracked in a computer system by DSS)

  • kewlmom Dec 12, 2008

    To those who say we blow our Child Support Money:

    Monthly Award Amount: $550 (hasn't been paid in 4 months)

    Rent: 650
    Lights: 150
    Heating Gas for house: 350
    Food: 450

    It is just me and my kids, no hubby, no boyfriend. I work, he quit his job and chooses not to work. Don't tell me I'm spending the CS money on myself. I'll let you guys do the math...

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 12, 2008

    And how many of these deadbeat dads move back home to mommy and daddy while the mother of his kids struggle with a home or apt.

    Many. But the mother allows it. I guess she gets lonely and want "company."

  • TeresaBee Dec 12, 2008

    And how many of these deadbeat dads move back home to mommy and daddy while the mother of his kids struggle with a home or apt.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 12, 2008


    Nope! I will be my own lawyer, as you told me, I know all. So I will give myself my own legal advice. The judge will buy it so will the jury and I will have won my lawsuit. Sweet. Thats the way you do it. lol

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 12, 2008


    I will get one that went to Harvard. Sorry you don't qualified. :)

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 12, 2008