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'Booze It and Lose It' campaign celebrates anniversary

Posted September 6, 2009

— The statewide “Booze It and Lose It” campaign celebrates its 15-year anniversary this weekend.

The initiative to stop drinking and driving is in effect through Monday.

North Carolina runs safety programs, including checkpoints, to reduce wrecks and raise awareness.

In Clayton, a checkpoint was set up Saturday night, officers said. In total officials charged nine people with driving while under the influence and one person with possession of marijuana.There were 47 other charges filed for other offenses.


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  • superman Sep 7, 2009

    Excuse me for saying so, but I much rather take my chances with the drunk drivers, the old people who can't see and drive and the hot rod young speeders than the millions of people who anyway drive while they are on their "beloved" cell phone. You ever watch to get an idea of the small number of people who can drive without talking on their cell phone? They should tax people with cell phones and charge them an additional fee to use it in their car.

  • judge Sep 7, 2009

    Checkpoints are the most visible signs of the end of freedom in America. I agree with checkpoints only under emergency conditions, such as an escaped serial murderer thought to be armed and reported to be in the vicinity. The government is too willing to restrict basic freedoms. The public is too silent in their opposition. What happened to the spirit of freedom we were once so proud of? Past generations insisted upon such freedoms This is a generation of spineless wimps afraid of their own shadows and clamoring for the government to place them in a huge plastic safety bubble. If stopped at a checkpoint, my level of cooperation will be at an absolute minimum, and I will resent the imposition and intrusion.

  • give me no quarter Sep 7, 2009

    calmdown.....We are not mind readers. Maybe it wasn't the "dumbest comment today" after all, but it was defintely a top ten before you clarified. Have good one.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Sep 7, 2009

    wow, you guys must not read the news a lot. i was making a SARCASTIC remark in light of people that can get away with murdering people with their cars while they are driving drunk and get off with 'losing their license' oh boo hoo

    the whole "lose it" is laughable for those that lose family members due to careless acts. I highly doubt getting a fine or losing your license really makes up for killing someone.

    so there, that's what my 'dumbest comment' was about but you know, carry on, i'll refrain from feeding the trolls.

  • give me no quarter Sep 7, 2009

    calmdown....Here are a few things you will lose. License (for at least thirty days} and after the thirty days of walking you may or may not get a special license to drive back and forth to work (for one year). $8000.00 to $10000.00 (insurance) over a three year period as twelve points are added to any you may already have. $1000.00 to $1500.00 (lawyer). About $500.00 (fines and court costs). $400.00 to $1200.00 (drunk driving school) depending on your assessment. $1200.00 (lock-out device) for one year for a BAC over .16. $500.00 (community service fee). Dignity (depending on where you perform your community sevice) usually 48 hours for a first offense. Lots of sleep. The respect of the community and your family. These are jus a few things you will lose if convicted of DWI in NC. The system is not perfect but it will get your attention.

  • dougdeep Sep 7, 2009

    After they celebrate, who's going to drive them home?

    "I've never seen a drunk driver suffer or lose anything." -- Dumbest comment today.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Sep 7, 2009

    Booze it and lose what?

    I've never seen a drunk driver suffer or lose anything.