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'Use the exhaust system': Duke doctor offers safety tips to decrease hazards of gas stove usage

Duke Health Anesthesiologist Dr. Richard Moon explained simple ways to decrease the hazards of using a gas stove.

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Julian Grace
, WRAL anchor/reporter

The federal government does not have plans to ban gas stoves, but a statement earlier this week by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission caught the attention of millions of people across the country.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said gas stove usage is a "hidden hazard." He said gas stoves can cause health issues including respiratory problems and asthma in children.

Duke Health Anesthesiologist Dr. Richard Moon explained the science behind the usage of a gas stove.

"We know that flames of any type can release substances into the environment with gas," Moons said. "It is carbon monoxide."

Moon said there are simple ways to decease the hazards of using a gas stove like opening windows, and using the safety measures that are already in place with your gas stove.

"If you are using a gas stove, use the exhaust system, always," Moon said.

Most of the houses in Raleigh area don't use gas, according to a recent U.S. Census survey. More than four out of every five houses in the Raleigh metro area have electric ranges, WRAL Data Trackers found.

The census survey found only 18.9% of Raleigh metro houses use gas as cooking fuel, which is lower than the national average of 38.6%.

"I've had a couple of customers ask me about the report," said Robbie Watson, an appliance sales specialist at Kitchen and Bath Galleries in Cary.

Watson said customers often like the option deciding between gas and electric stoves.

"New construction [tends to] be gas," Watson said. "Remodels we do a lot of gas and electrical, but gas is predominant."

Cary resident Jimmy Creech loves his gas stove and shared why.

"There is a great difference cooking with gas," Creech said. "Things heat up very quickly.

If consumers like Creech decide to make the switch, the commission said there is a rebate available.