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You don't have to wait for 'National Drug Take Back Day' to turn in old pills

Posted October 17, 2017 1:31 p.m. EDT

— Howard Church said it was quick and easy to drop off his unwanted medication.

"When I came to the counter, I talked to them and told them what I had, and that was the end of it," said Church.

If you have unwanted prescription drugs or even over the counter ones, you don't need to wait until National Drug Take Back Day on October 28th to get rid of them.

"Every day is take back day in Nebraska," said Joan McVoy, a nurse at the Nebraska Regional Poison Center. "All day long, all our calls are mainly going to be on medications, whether it's a small child who gets into grandma's medication."

It's just one reason why she tells people to find a pharmacy or another drop-off location and turn those old pills in.

She says it also protects your pets, and it keeps those drugs out of the hands of people who might try to abuse them.

"People are starting to be a lot more aware I believe, and getting rid of their medications properly," said Doug Graybill, a pharmacy technician at Kubat Pharmacy in Omaha.

What you're not supposed to do is flush your old medication down the toilet. Experts say it could hurt the environment.

Once the "take back" box is full at any given location, it is sent off to an incinerator for disposal.