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York man facing charges after a road rage incident ends in shots fired

A York man is facing charges after allegedly firing shots at a vehicle during a road rage incident last month.

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YORK COUNTY, PA — A York man is facing charges after allegedly firing shots at a vehicle during a road rage incident last month.

Tayyaughn Chandler-Hope, 18, of the 200 block of W. Cottage Place, is facing charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and recklessly endangering another person among other offenses.

On June 25, Chandler-Hope was a passenger in a Nissan Xterra traveling in the area of West Market Street, Route 616 and Wolfs Church Road. Chandler-Hope allegedly got out of the vehicle while it was stopped and fired shots at the victim's vehicle. Police found a bullet hole in the license plate of the victim's vehicle.

However, accounts of this story differ among the parties.

The driver whose vehicle was shot at told police that he had two beers at a bar in West Manchester Township and was on his way home when a Nissan Xterra began following him closely on West Market Street.

The driver told police that the vehicle passed him before re-entering his lane and slammed on its brakes.

The driver proceeded to pass the vehicle, leading the cars to begin passing one another.

At one point during the incident, the Xterra stopped across the road, blocking it. Then, two people got out of the vehicle, and the victim told police that he saw weapons.

The victim said that he ducked down as he attempted to go around the Xterra but struck the driver's side door as he went past it.

He told police that this is when he heard gunshots, a majority of which were fired after he turned onto Wolfs Church Road. To hide from the Xterra, the victim pulled into a cemetery and turned off his vehicle lights.

While searching the area, police found pieces of an interior vehicle door, 9 mm shell casings and paperwork, according to the affidavit.

Police also interviewed the driver of the Xterra, whose version of the events differed.

She told police that the other driver was traveling 20 mph when she first saw his vehicle, and that she passed the vehicle.

Then, the other vehicle proceeded to speed up and passed her, causing her to hit the breaks.

Then, the victim says at the intersection of routes 616 and 30, he was in the left turn lane and the Xterra was behind him.

However, the driver of the Xterra told police that she got in the left lane, and the other driver was in the center lane.

She said the driver of the other vehicle followed her as she made turns, and was tailgating her.

At that point, the driver of the Xterra stopped on Wolfs Church Road, and the other vehicle stopped behind her.

She proceeded to get out of the vehicle and reached for a metal pole in the vehicle.

At that point, the other driver hit the gas and sped around her and the Xterra, striking the driver's side door.

She said that she heard six shots fired at the other vehicle as it sped away, and that Chandler-Hope, who was a passenger in the backseat, had gotten out of the vehicle at some point and was standing behind her.

Other occupants in the Xterra said that Chandler-Hope had fired the shots.

Now, Chandler-Hope is facing charges.

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