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Yakima's homeless shelter struggling to find building for winter

Posted October 12, 2017 12:32 p.m. EDT

— The clock is ticking toward winter and the homeless population in Yakima might not be sleeping in a warm shelter.

Just last week, "Transform Yakima Together", a non-profit that runs camp hope a city-sponsored homeless shelter, was awarded a winter shelter program by the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments.

The award gave them $135,000 to host a 24-hour shelter in winter.

But because Camp Hope's facility is outdoors organizers have to look for an indoor building to host the shelter and they are now facing rejection from property owners.

If they can't find a building, over 60 camp hope residents won't have anywhere to stay warm.

"Well it's like people aren't wanting the homeless around in my opinion and you know we're just regular people, just down on our luck," said Dawn Campbell, resident at Camp Hope.

Camp hope officials said they are looking into other buildings and hope to have one secured soon.