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WWE Superstar Mark Henry meets with veterans at WWII Museum

WWE fans, you probably know this name.

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Jacki Jing
NEW ORLEANS — WWE fans, you probably know this name.

His name is Mark Henry, largely considered the strongest man that ever lived.

The two time world champion and Olympic weight lifter has been hitting the ropes for 23 years, and he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania this Friday.

"This is confirmation that all of the pain, all the surgeries, all the injuries, all the days away from the family, the strife you faced along the way -- it paid off, " Henry said.

Despite all this going on, Mark Henry came out to the World War II museum, making time to meet with 150 veterans. These military heroes were able to meet their WWE heroes while also getting employment help.

"They've never done this before. They've never had to look for a civilian job, so there's a gap in training," Christopher Plamp, the interim CEO of Hiring Heroes said. "They've never done a resume, they've never interviewed, they've never had to put any of that together, they've never gone into a company and had to pitch themselves, now they'll start to build the skills that they need and then we'll have a large networking session with 30 companies that have openings in the next three months in the New Orleans area."

Getting inspiration from their WWE idols certainly didn't hurt.

"When it's dealing with our military, I'm the first one to stand up," Henry said. "When you got bullets flying at you and you're trying to make sure that the liberties and the freedoms that we have -- that's really good."

"Thank you for your support. It's more than what you need to do. It's something that you actually want to do and take the time out of your busy schedule and so -- just want to thank you all for that, " said Cedric Harris, a Naval Officer stationed in Belle Chasse.

Tomorrow, some of the WWE Superstars will hold a meet and greet at the Naval air station in Belle Chasse, taking part in an flight simulator demo.

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