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Because WRAL-TV is carrying the ACC Tournament, most soaps are being moved to the WRAL NewsChannel.

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Because of the ACC Tournament, WRAL-TV is moving most of its soaps to the  WRAL NewsChannel on Friday afternoon. They will be shown at their normal times.

Friday's episode of The Young & The Restless will be shown Monday at 12:30 p.m.

In case you are unable to view these programs on digital cable, or if you can't record Y&R, here are the plot summaries for Thursday.

Bold and the Beautiful

Friday, March 14

Bridget explains to Nick how Brooke wants to keep him on the sidelines to wait for her. Nick assures Bridget that he doesn't plan on waiting. After Bridget ask him if there is a chance for them to get back together, Nick informs her that he isn't ready. Bridget assures Nick that she isn't asking for a commitment and then attempts to seduce him. Pam explains to Stephanie about being the new receptionist and that Eric has a surprise. Eric reminds Stephanie that even though their partnership in a marriage didn't work out, their partnership in business should not have to suffer. Eric then asks Stephanie to come back to Forrester Creations. Later at Insomnia Cafe, Donna assures Pam that Eric's marriage to Stephanie was long over before Donna entered the picture and wants them to get along seeing that they will all be under the same roof at Forrester Creations. Pam continues to terrorize Donna and threatens to make Donna her new obsession.

As the World Turns

Friday, March 14

Katie wakes up to find Brad at her bedside. Carly asks Brad and Katie for help, and they make an on-air plea for info about Kit. Carly fears on one will call. Brad questions how Kit
managed to stay invisible and Carly realizes she must have worn a disguise. Although it costs him, Brad encourages Katie to go after Jack. Katie tells Jack she can't get over him, and he admits he's not committed to Carly.

Lisa won't let Sofie bring Hallie to work, and Hallie gets a fever. Alison runs into Sofie at
the hospital and learns Hallie needs a blood transfusion and Sofie is not a match. Sofie
leaves a message for Cole. Alison suggests Gwen might be a match for Sofie. Gwen agrees to be tested and discovers she's a match. Gwen, Will and Sofie are shocked when Cole arrives.

Gray tells Matt he's going to use Henry and Vienna as bait to set their plan in motion. Alison convinces Casey to ask Matt about his dealings with Gray. Vienna avoids Gray's advances. Matt informs Gray that Alison and Casey are growing suspicious. Casey questions Matt's relationship with Gray. Matt denies knowing Gray and promises Casey he'll have nothing to do with him. Vienna tells Gray she's still in love with Henry and he covers his anger.

Guiding Light

Friday, March 14

Mallet tries to win Dinah over once more and although she appreciates his concern, she walks away. Mallet gets an offer to be the Police Chief in another town. Dinah is in the middle of telling Mallet she misses him when she sees the contract offer to be Police Chief. She can't believe he's considering, and storms off.

Beth lets Rick watch Peyton while she catches up on some sleep. Alan gets a visit from a man accusing him of tax evasion. Beth texts Phillip back that she misses him. Rick and Alan are fighting over Peyton when Beth arrives and takes the baby, leaving both men behind. Alan leaves Phillip a message, asking for his help to get rid of Rick.

Olivia tells Ava she doesn't have much time left, and the two cry together. Olivia tells Rick
she's pretty much given up home that she'll be saved. Ava barges in, upset that Olivia isn't
fighting harder and Dinah learns that Olivia is dying. Olivia tries to explain to Emma she may be gone one day.

Bill steals a bulldozer, heading toward the Spaulding mansion. Lizzie tells Bill she misses him, but doesn't want him to come get her-it's too dangerous. Alan tells Lizzie he's beentalking to Phillip and he supports his decision of keeping Lizzie locked up. Alan sets up Lizzie on a date with Lawrence and Lizzie leaves with him, eager to leave the mansion. Lizzie tries to give Lawrence a chance, just when Billy and Bill walk in. Billy sets it up so both Bill and Lizzie head to the bathroom where Bill pulls Lizzie into a kiss. Alan shows up and Billy yells at him so Bill and Lizzie can hear. Alan sees Bill's shoes behind the stall door and asks Lizzie to remind Bill he knows about Venezuela and isn't afraid to get in touch with some of his "friends" from there. Lizzie tries to be a realist and kisses Lawrence. Bill sees this and moves toward Ava, grabbing her hand. Lizzie sees them leave together. Ava and Bill make love, both trying to shy away from their own realities.

The Young & The Restless

Friday, March 14th

Sabrina introduces Victoria to visual artist, Casey Spooner, and informs her that she is
leaving Genoa City in a few days. During their conversation, Sabrina gets a message from her ex-boyfriend. Victoria suggests that he may really love Sabrina, but when she explains to Victoria what caused their break up, Sabrina is resolved not to take him back.

Sabrina explains to Victor that she is leaving for L.A. soon and will miss Victoria. When
Sabrina stops by his office, Adam notices the rapport between Sabrina and Victor. Victoria

becomes angry when she learns that Adam went ahead with the Beauty of Nature ad campaign without her input. Victoria becomes resolved to show Adam who is in charge. Victor confronts Adam about going behind Victoria's back with the Beauty of Nature campaign. Adam learns from Victor that Phyllis and Nick had an affair. Meanwhile, Nick tries to convince reporters that Victor is not involved with the magazine. Phyllis meets with the publicist for the pre-launch party and he suggests they get celebrities to attend. Phyllis suggests Danny Romalotti, butbecomes concerned with how Daniel will react to having his father back in town. As Sharon prepares to interview potential beauty editors for the magazine, Jack begins to set the stage to scare Gloria with his plan. Jack offers Jeff 20 percent of the payout from Gloria. Sharon reassures a stressed out Nick that the magazine will be a success, and he will prove himself to Victor and the rest of the world. Later, Jack reassures Sharon that Jeff is motivated and their plan will work. Jack and Sharon feign an argument and exclaim to Gloria that they are fed up and will sell her the house. Jack however, goes on to declare to her that she is cursed, which really gets under Gloria's skin. Later, Jack and Sharon leave and Jeff leads Gloria to christen the bed she shared with John. Jeff sets the plan in motion using one of John's old books to freak Gloria out, and it works perfectly.


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