Letter to Visitors

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If you are a regular WRAL.com visitor, you have no doubt noticed our new look. You also might have discovered some new content and improvements to how we display stories and video.

There are several reasons for redesigning the site:
  • Web design and technology have come a long way in the past 6 1/2 years, so some upgrades to both look and functionality were overdue.
  • We’ve been listening carefully to your feedback over the years. The new site has a robust search engine, faster page downloads, less clutter, simpler navigation and video that is easier to find and play.
  • We’re going 100 percent local. Content will be delivered from servers in Raleigh. Our online editors will be using new custom tools created by our on-site technology team. That means we can update the site faster than ever and release upgrades sooner. We also will make it easier for you to get news and information on mobile devices.
  • Don’t worry. The new WRAL.com will have all of the features you’ve come to depend on: breaking news, local news, traffic and weather. It also will have some new features: local movie and entertainment listings, improved sports coverage, and more chances to share your opinion.

    We've developed some resources to help you navigate the new WRAL.com.
    • Be sure to check our interactive guide. It highlights the changes in the site, especially new ways of navigating to old sections such as Health, Family. Travel, Dating.
    • We have a 3-minute video guide that hits on both big and small changes at the site. It was produced by our new Web host, Brian Shrader. Look for Brian regularly on the WRAL.com NewsChannel.
    • Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. There's a good chance a lot of folks have the same questions, and this is where we wil answer the most common ones.
    • Try our new search engine. It can help you locate content that might have moved to a new section.
    • Read my blog for more details about the new design and features.
    We hope you like the changes. It's a new look, but the same "Coverage you can count on."


    John Conway
    General Manager