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Bob Sadler
Bob Sadler was born and raised in Nash County, N.C. As a young boy, he was interested in cameras and always enjoyed taking snapshots during family trips.

Bob graduated from the Naval School of Photography in Pensacola, Fla., in 1964. He was then transferred to the Naval Photographic Center in Washington, D.C., where he became a film editor. Before being discharged from the Navy, he was assigned to the White House unit and edited films that documented the presidency of Lyndon Johnson.

After being discharged from the Navy, Bob was hired by Capitol Broadcasting Company in Raleigh. He has won numerous awards for his work as a videographer and producer. He is now working in the new broadcast medium of high-definition television.

Although shooting and producing television programs is his real job, Bob has always had a love for landscape photography. He uses a 4x5 view camera and an old twin lens reflex camera to capture his images. He still shoots on film, but after developing the negatives, his prints come alive in the digital darkroom. Bob scans all of his negatives into the computer, then adds his feelings to the images through PhotoShop.

Whether he is shooting with a video camera or a still camera, Bob is passionate about capturing compelling images that speak to you. Look, listen, reflect.

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