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December babies!

Posted December 2, 2010 8:36 a.m. EST

We often joke that there's something in the water here at WRAL because of all the pregnant women walking around. This month is no exception as we have two WRAL staffers due to give birth in December – Stacy Davis and Sloane Heffernan.

(Oh, and by the way, another WRAL staffer is pregnant, but she's not due for a couple more months. Keep reading and you'll find out who it is!)

I typically post an Inside WRAL blog once the babies get here, but I just had to share this cute picture of Stacy & Sloane with you. They've graciously agreed to tell us how their pregnancies are going and when they're due:


That pic is too funny! We just need Kelcey (Carlson) to complete the baby bump trio! I am due next Monday, December 6th! It's been a great pregnancy. I am very fortunate that all three of my pregnancies have been uneventful. I am especially enjoying every minute of this one, since it will be my last. Three is the limit:-) We don't know what we are having. We have two boys who are hoping for another brother. I just pray for a healthy baby, but I think a little pink in my life would be nice:-) All I know is that pregnancy seems to be contagious at WRAL-TV. Kelcey and Lynda Loveland were pregnant the last time I got pregnant. And this time it's me, Stacy and Kelcey! They do say things happen in threes.. :-)


Actually - I'm not pregnant. I had just stuffed one of those pillows used on the anchor desk chairs under my shirt so Sloane wouldn't feel so odd on set for that newscast. I even gave a pillow to Mike Moss that morning too but he's so skinny you couldn't even tell it was under his suit.

Ok - yes - you caught me - I'm pregnant! But I'll tell you, if I had nickel for every time someone saw me in person and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, you don't look pregnant on TV! I had no idea!"...well, I'd have my whole first year of diapers paid for! Jamie, talented photographer I work with every morning, had perfected a camera technique (called "shooting only from the chest up") to make me appear normal size in my live reports. I had also developed a maneuver using a news script to shield my big belly from the lens. Can't believe I was found out with only a month to go!

I'm due December 29th with my first child...a be named Spencer! So maybe I'll have a Christmas baby, OR maybe I'll have the first baby of 2011!! Then I'd get to be on the news! That would be exciting!

Like Sloane, I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy! I'm convinced I haven't had any morning sickness because my body doesn't know what "morning" is any more. I wake up at midnight for my 1:30 a.m. reporting shift at WRAL, so by the time morning rolls around, I've already downed dinner!

It's been wonderful to be surrounded by other experienced pregnant ladies at WRAL like Sloane and Kelcey, and we can't forget morning camera operator Danielle who just gave birth to a daughter before Thanksgiving! (Maybe there is something in the water here???!!) They have been so supportive...sharing advice and horror stories! I'd also like to thank my amazing husband, who has kept me smiling through this whole exhilarating roller coaster ride. He's also a TV photographer and I know, like Jamie hiding my giant belly bump, he will hide my exhaustion and delirium in post-pregnancy photos! Got to love the magic of cameras! Wish me luck!

Please join me in congratulating Sloane & Stacy and wishing them easy births! Thanks to Crystal Woods for the photo.

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