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Keep Tracker in your thoughts

Posted November 9, 2010 8:24 a.m. EST

WRAL's lovable newsroom dog, Tracker, really needs your thoughts and prayers. He suffered several seizures last week and is recuperating. This was posted on his Facebook account yesterday:

"I'm back, well, sorta. I haven't been doing so good lately...even though I don't remember, apparently I had a couple of seizures last week. It was really scary for my mom and dad and I didn't like how I felt afterwards. But I have really good doctors lookin' after me...Dr. Jodi at Harmony Animal Hospital and Dr. Lewis at the NC State Vet School and they are going to make me all better again. I'll keep you posted!"

Tracker's page was updated with this message today:

"Hi Facebook friends - this is Tracker's mom...his dad and I want to thank you for all the well wishes, the concern, and the prayers for our precious boy. Your words are encouraging and comforting through a very scary time for us. I am really happy to report that T is about 90% back to his old mischievous self. He's had no more seizures and is a happy (hungry!) doggie. He'll be back on FB tomorrow!"

We love you, Tracker. Hope you feel better soon.

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