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Cast your vote in the great bacon debate

Posted November 4, 2010 8:20 a.m. EDT

There's a battle brewing behind the scenes here at WRAL, and I need your help to finally put it to rest.

It all started yesterday when senior promotions producer Jay Yovanovich posted a simple question on Twitter: “Chewy bacon is better than crispy bacon. Who's with me?”

And with that, the great bacon debate erupted. The two camps formed quickly – Team Chewy and Team Crispy – each ferociously defending their bacon-cooking techniques.

Here are a few of the comments posted on Twitter:

Team Chewy:

  • Y'all are crazy. Bacon is pork. Pork is meat. Meat should not be CRUNCHY!
  • I don't get why one would partake in what is equal in taste and texture to the remnants of charcoal.
  • Chewy bacon doesn't get stuck in your teeth.
  • Chewy bacon requires less energy to cook and prepare, so it's better for the environment. Crispy bacon is wasteful.

Team Crispy:

  • Bacon shouldn’t bend, it should shatter.
  • Crispy bacon is the best; like potato chips but an even less healthful snack!
  • Chewy bacon people scare me... it seems so wrong.
  • There are two types of people – those who prefer chewy bacon and those who have tasted crispy bacon.

Team Chewy or Team Crispy? CAST YOUR VOTE HERE!!!

Team Chewy or Crispy?

Bacon should be ...

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