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Mystery man behind anchors baffles viewer

Posted August 11, 2010 11:14 a.m. EDT

If you've ever watched WRAL's Morning News, you might have noticed a man sitting in the background behind the anchors, flipping through papers and writing on them. So who is that guy and what is he doing? A viewer named Mary wrote to us asking these very questions, and I want to share her e-mail with you, as well as our response.

"I watch the WRAL morning news every morning and really enjoy waking up with Bill and Kelcey and the other good folks. But I'm curious about one thing: there is often a person in the background signing papers. I'm just curious WHAT he's signing. And why it's done on the air. No big deal, I've just always wondered about it. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity." – Mary

WRAL Operations Manager Leesa Moore responded to Mary with this answer:

"Hi Mary - Thank you for watching us! The person you see in the background is one of our directors (Chris Bolanz). He is 'marking' scripts for the next hour of news...writing notes on the pages so he'll know what to set up and call for in the control room. Hope this helps clear up the mystery!" - Leesa

So, there you go. Next time you watch WRAL's Morning News, make sure to look for Chris – the mystery man in the background :)

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