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Our frozen fountain

Posted January 4, 2010 7:59 a.m. EST

Brrr!!! That's what I thought this morning when I saw the water fountain in front of our studio. It's a mountain of ice!


GOLO member hi_i_am_wade asked a really good question: "Why aren't you turning off the water?"

I have an answer! I talked with Tim Grissom, who's in charge of our property, and he said we leave the water on because it's a tradition.

WRAL's first fountain was built in 1963 and was a huge square – 40 feet by 40 feet. Everyone enjoyed seeing how tall the ice could get, so when they built a new fountain in 2002, they continued to let the water run in the winter time.

Tim said he remembered the old fountain getting about 20 feet tall with ice! He brought by some old pictures for me to share with you. 

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