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Welcome to the anchor desk, Sloane

Posted October 6, 2009 8:59 a.m. EDT

In a previous blog, we said goodbye to WRAL weekend morning anchor Erin Coleman who accepted an anchoring job in Atlanta.

Now, we can officially welcome reporter Sloane Heffernan to the weekend anchor desk. She is joining Renee Chou on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

One of Sloane's first duties was to shoot the show's opening credits – the video where the anchors and meteorologist smile as the announcer says: "Live from Raleigh, you're watching WRAL News in high definition with Renee Chou, Sloane Heffernan and meteorologist Mike Moss."

I grabbed a camera and took some pictures so you can see some behind-the-scenes shots.

Sloane's opening credit shot only lasts a second, just enough to see her tilt her head and smile. But that smiling second was perfected by WRAL's Creative Director Shelly Leslie and Digital Media Administrator Steve Elizondo.

Please join me in welcoming Sloane to the weekend anchor desk!

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