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10 questions with Charlie Gaddy

Posted July 13, 2009 7:57 a.m. EDT

Last month, former WRAL Anchor Charlie Gaddy stopped by the newsroom and I asked him to participate in and answer 10 of your questions.

He agreed and recently sent me his responses ... by snail mail, which he considers a lost art :) So, I have typed up his answers for you, which you can read HERE.

Snail mail jokes aside, it was nice to meet Charlie and spend a few moments talking with someone who spent so many years in journalism. Though we are not close in age, Charlie and I learned that we share something in common. We both worked at NBC News in Washington when we were first starting out in the business.

The building on Nebraska Avenue houses many NBC shows, including Meet the Press, bureaus for Dateline (where I interned in college), the Today Show, Nightly News, etc. and local TV station NBC 4, where Charlie got his first job as a page.

In his return letter to me, Charlie wrote: "It was a pleasure to meet you and to think that you and I, from such distant generations, shared a network station in Washington, DC. I am so glad you were exposed to Russert, Gregory, Pete Williams, Andrea Mitchell and the other top news people at NBC. In my time, it was Brinkley, Huntley, Hackes, Kaplow, etc."

I hope you take some time to read Charlie's answers to the 10 questions. He has so many interesting stories to share.

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