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Charlie Gaddy takes your questions

Posted June 19, 2009 3:42 p.m. EDT

You never know who is going to drop by the WRAL newsroom and say hello. I was sitting at my desk yesterday, looked up and saw a gentleman in a very nice suit standing nearby. It was Charlie Gaddy! I took a picture of him sitting at my desk.

Charlie retired from WRAL in 1994 following an award-winning, 24-year career at the station. He and Bobbie Battista formed the Triangle’s first male-female anchor team and led WRAL to ratings dominance in the early 1980s.

I knew I had to talk with him and ask him to participate in Ask Anything and answer some of your questions. He very graciously agreed, and I told him I’d e-mail him the 10 questions.

He gave me the funniest look and asked if I mail regular letters anymore. Not usually, I said. E-mail is easier and faster. Charlie just smiled and said he would like me to send him a letter with the 10 questions. I smiled back and happily agreed.

So, in honor of Charlie’s request for a snail mail Ask Anything, please submit your questions below! Please include your first name and hometown.

And for those e-mail lovers out there like me, take the time to send a letter to a friend or family member today and make Charlie proud! :)

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