WRAL offers more choices for Election Day 2012

After you make your choice at the polls, join WRAL News for complete results of the 2012 election. We'll offer more choices than ever before for you to get the information you need in the way that you want.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — After you make your choice at the polls, join WRAL News for complete results of the 2012 election as they unfold. We've designed our coverage to be watched on multiple screens: TV, online, tablet and mobile. It's more interactive than ever before. You control the information you want.


Beginning at 7 p.m., Scott Pelley will anchor CBS News coverage of the presidential election and national picture on WRAL-TV, with updates from WRAL News on state and local races at :25 and :55 after the hour until 11 p.m. Bryan Mims will offer live updates from the Romney camp in Boston, and Ken Smith is traveling with the president. We'll cut in to the network coverage as key races are decided, and the big winners speak. All night, you can watch the returns in more than 120 races at the bottom of the screen.
Beginning at 7:30 p.m. on WRAL2, Cullen Browder and Renee Chou will focus on the North Carolina elections, with analysis from WRAL Capitol Bureau Chief Laura Leslie. We'll have reporters with the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor and will provide unique analysis and dynamic live data on the balance of power in the state legislature. Guest political science professors from Duke and Peace universities will help explain the trends. Find WRAL2 over the air or on cable.
Tune to Fox50 for Fox News coverage of the presidential race beginning at 8 p.m.
At 10 p.m., Gerald Owens and Jackie Hyland anchor a full hour of coverage on Fox50 from across the country and around the state, and Kelcey Carlson, using a new interactive presentation, brings you results as they happen.
At 11 p.m. WRAL-TV returns to local coverage. David Crabtree and Debra Morgan will have results and reaction on the big races. Kelcey will show how the maps fill in, and our reporters in the field will have interviews with the winners and losers. We'll stay on the air until the major contests are decided.

On the Web

You control the view on WRAL.com on Election Night.

Use the new Video Central to decide which of our live video streams to watch. Check on the national picture from CBS or CNN. Dial up the political insiders at parties in Raleigh and Charlotte. Watch live interviews, concession speeches and updates from our reporters in the field.
The national map on WRAL.com will allow you to choose a state and see the votes as they are reported. See the party breakdown in each individual state as the electoral votes add up to a presidential victory. Zoom in to North Carolina for county-by-county results and the breakdown of North Carolina's Congressional seats.
Keep an eye on the Big Picture on our homepage for the national popular vote and the all-important electoral vote count and the balance of power in the U.S. House and Senate.
Choose your county, state or national race to track live election results beginning after the polls close. We'll have live numbers from the State Board of Elections in more than 250 races, from president to register of deeds. Find the top races -- president, governor and Congressional races with Triangle ties right on the WRAL.com home page. Then choose from the pull down list for results of ballot referendums, state legislature and county races.

On your mobile device

Don't worry if you are on the go, or at an election party. You can take WRAL News wherever you go on Election Night.

Users of the mobile web will be able to drill down by level, race and candidate for live results throughout the night.
The WRAL app on iPhone, Android and iPad will feature our interactive national map, the full complement of 250+ race results and live streaming video. All our content is optimized to give you the best view for the device you're on.
Our staff in the newsroom and our reporters and photographers are on Twitter, offering on-scene observations as Election Night wears on. Follow @WRAL or #NCELEX for their updates.
Add WRAL to your Facebook feed to get alerts as key races are called and our behind-the-scenes insight right in your News Feed. Click on the Liked button and select Get Notifications.

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