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Posted May 6, 2018 9:47 p.m. EDT

Imran Khan Warms to Pakistan’s Military. His Political Fortunes Rise.

Imran Khan, the cricket-star-turned-opposition-leader, is brimming with confidence. Khan — a populist whose appeal rests in part on an anti-American platform — is the main challenger to the party of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was ousted last year by the Supreme Court. His prospects have brightened in light of his warming ties with the military, which controls the main levers of power. Sharif’s efforts to assert civilian control over the military during his last term failed, turning him into an intensely hated figure among the military. Khan, however, has no qualms about working with the military.

Pakistan Interior Minister, Champion of Minorities, Is Shot

Pakistan’s interior minister, Ahsan Iqbal, narrowly escaped an apparent assassination attempt Sunday evening when a gunman slipped into a small crowd of supporters and colleagues surrounding the minister, and fired a shot that pierced his right shoulder. The attacker was quickly apprehended and Iqbal was taken to a hospital; government officials said he was in stable condition. The shooting, which took place in Punjab province, left Pakistanis on edge as the country prepares to hold general elections as early as July. Although a motive is not yet known, Iqbal is a staunch supporter of Pakistan’s religious minorities, often considered heretics.

As Deadline on Nuclear Deal Nears, Israel and Iran Issue Warnings

With time running out before the May 12 deadline by which President Donald Trump is to decide whether to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, the leaders of Israel and Iran weighed in Sunday, one calling the agreement “fatally flawed” and the other warning of “historic regret” if the United States rips up the deal. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel repeated his call for the agreement to be “fully fixed or fully nixed.” In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani, whose negotiating team reached the accord in 2015, said the Trump administration would rue any decision to renounce the agreement.

‘Orwellian Nonsense’? China Says That’s the Price of Doing Business

Tensions between Washington and Beijing have spilled into a new and unexpected battleground: Airline websites. After the White House on Saturday accused the Chinese government of “Orwellian nonsense” for ordering 36 airline companies to purge their websites of references to Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong as separate countries, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs struck back Sunday. In effect, the ministry told foreign companies that obeying official Chinese demands on how to refer to these areas would be the price of doing business in China. The flare-up showed that the Chinese government has its own sensitivities, especially over territorial issues.

Council of Europe Urged to Act Against Lawmakers Tied to Bribery

Two weeks after an investigation found strong evidence that members of the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly had accepted bribes in return for silencing discussion of human rights violations in Azerbaijan, European governments are demanding sanctions against the lawmakers. In a letter sent Friday to Assembly President Michele Nicoletti, Anders Samuelsen, the Danish foreign minister and chairman of the council’s Committee of Ministers, called the corruption case “deeply worrying” and called for the assembly to act “promptly and strongly.” The scandal is threatening to become one of the biggest credibility tests of the European institution.

Bombing Kills at Least 14 Afghans Registering to Vote

A bomb blast killed at least 14 Afghan civilians Sunday as they lined up in a mosque to register to vote in coming national elections, according to officials. The explosion was at least the sixth attack on voter registration activities in Afghanistan since authorities last month began requiring citizens to register to vote in person at centers across the country. According to Bashir Khan, a spokesman for the Khost province Police Department, explosives apparently had been hidden in the mosque and were detonated while some people were praying and others registering to vote. He said 33 others had been wounded.