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Posted May 5, 2018 7:43 p.m. EDT

Thousands of German Students Protest ‘Unfair’ English Exam

German students in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg who hunkered down in April to take pivotal final secondary-school exams are protesting the English-language portion of the test, which they said was absurd, with obscure and outdated references. Nearly 36,000 people — over 2,000 more than the number of students who took the exam, called the Abitur — have signed an online petition demanding that officials adapt the scoring system in light of what they describe as “unfair” questions, even before the results have been released. The exam is the final hurdle for students leaving secondary school for university, a series of written and oral tests.

After Gang Rape of Girl, 16, First a Fine, and Then a Murder

Indian authorities on Saturday arrested 15 people in connection with the gang rape and killing of a teenage girl, the latest in a recent string of high-profile crimes against women. Authorities said a group of men raped the 16-year-old girl multiple times after kidnapping her Thursday from Chatra, a village in Jharkhand state, in eastern India. When the girl was let go the next day, authorities said, village leaders imposed a fine of about $750 on Dhanu Singh Bhuiyan, the young man who was said to have orchestrated her abduction. Bhuiyan later cornered the girl in her home and lit her on fire.

Navalny Detained at Protest on Eve of Putin’s Inauguration

Thousands of demonstrators turned out in Russia on Saturday as part of nationwide protests two days before Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a fourth term as president. In Moscow, police clashed with protesters. Protesters chanted, “Down with the czar!” Some wore paper crowns as a taunt against Putin’s lengthy rule, now extending longer than any Russian leader since Stalin. A group that monitors arrests, OVD-Info, reported that by Saturday evening, police had arrested 703 people in Moscow and about 1,600 throughout Russia. Among those arrested Saturday was opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who had organized the rally, Russian news agencies reported.

Trump Takes Jab at Crime in London

If anyone had any hope President Donald Trump would adopt a more conciliatory tone toward Britain before his visit in July, it was dashed Friday when he appeared before a National Rifle Association conference in Dallas and took a jab at London’s crime rate. “Knives, knives, knives, knives,” he said, mimicking a stabbing motion. Appearing to link the wave of knife crimes in London to a ban on guns, he added: “They don’t have guns. They have knives, and instead there’s blood all over the floors of this hospital.” The reaction in Britain was weary humor and bewilderment, with many questioning where Trump got his information.

A Simple Way to Improve 1 Billion Lives: Eyeglasses

More than 1 billion people around the world need eyeglasses but don’t have them, researchers say, an affliction long overlooked on lists of public health priorities. Activists point out that responding to the world’s vision crisis does not require the invention of new drugs or distributing vaccines in countries with poor infrastructure. Factories in Thailand, China and the Philippines can manufacture readers for less than 50 cents a pair; prescription glasses that correct nearsightedness can be produced for $1.50. But money alone won’t easily solve systemic challenges faced by countries like Uganda, which has just 45 eye doctors for a nation of 41 million. Until last year, Liberia did not have a single eye clinic.