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Posted December 26, 2017 8:58 p.m. EST

Homeland Security Increasingly Means Putting Agents Outside the Homeland

The Department of Homeland Security is increasingly going global. An estimated 2,000 Homeland Security employees — from Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents to Transportation Security Administration officials — now are deployed to more than 70 countries around the world. The expansion has created tensions with some European countries who say that the United States is trying to export its immigration laws to their territory. But other allies agree with the United States’ argument that its longer reach strengthens international security while preventing a terrorist attack, drug shipment, or human smuggling ring from reaching U.S. soil.

From Hospital Bed, Ex-President Asks Peru for Forgiveness

Alberto Fujimori, who ruled Peru with an iron grip in the 1990s, acknowledged on Tuesday he had disappointed many of his countrymen, and he asked their forgiveness “with all my heart." The comments, Fujimori’s first public remarks since President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski granted him a medical pardon Sunday, did little to quell widespread criticism in Peru that the pardon was motivated less by clemency than by a desire to reward Fujimori’s son Kenji, a congressman who helped Kuczynski survive a crucial impeachment vote last week. The pardon has cost Kuczynski the support of at least three allies in Congress.

North Korea Won’t Stop Its Arms Tests Anytime Soon, South Warns

North Korea will keep improving its nuclear and long-range ballistic missile capabilities next year to gain leverage to force Washington to make concessions, like the easing of sanctions, government and private analysts in South Korea said. The isolated North has made major strides this year in its nuclear weapons program but has also faced increasingly tough U.N. sanctions. On Sept. 3, it detonated what it called a hydrogen bomb in its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. It has also launched three ICBMs this year, demonstrating rockets powerful enough to deliver warheads to all of the continental United States.

Royal Navy Escorts Russian Warship Near U.K.

The Royal Navy in Britain has been monitoring Russian warships in the North Sea and has escorted one vessel skirting British waters, the Defense Ministry in London said Tuesday, amid heightened tensions between the two countries. The Defense Ministry said in a statement it had noted an “upsurge” in Russian vessels in the region over the past few days, and that it sent the frigate HMS St. Albans to escort the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov through the North Sea as it neared British waters. The increased presence of Russian ships comes at a time of strained relations between London and Moscow.

Cross-Border Clashes in Kashmir Leave 7 Soldiers Dead

Three Pakistani soldiers have been killed by Indian artillery fire in the disputed Kashmir border region, officials said Tuesday, after several Indian troops were killed by Pakistani gunfire nearby over the weekend. The back-to-back deaths added to the latest round of military clashes between Pakistan and India across the Line of Control, and further dashed any faint hopes that the two estranged nations could soon normalize relations. While Kashmir continues to remain a point of contention between the two neighbors, accusations of fomenting terrorism have also strained relations.

Barred From Running, Barred From Boycotting: A Russian Candidate’s Quandary

Alexei Navalny, a Russian anti-corruption activist, would have no real chance of defeating President Vladimir Putin in an election. The authorities have cast him as an utterly irrelevant showboat. But on Monday the Kremlin barred him from running for president in March. Then on Tuesday, it warned him against organizing a boycott of the election. In one surreal turn after another, the Russian authorities have dismissed Navalny, a charismatic and canny street politician, as a nonentity — and then have done everything in their power to make sure that is the case.