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Workers Install Tanks for Electric City Aquarium

Posted November 29, 2017 5:13 p.m. EST

— Some big fish are moving into Scranton soon and their new homes arrived on Wednesday.

Newswatch 16 was at The Marketplace at Steamtown as crews began moving in six tanks for the new Electric City Aquarium.

The Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den will be inside what used to be an Express clothing store.

Moving tanks the size of swimming pools that will house sharks and stingrays into a place like a mall is a logistical challenge.

The future home for a family of stingrays made its way through the front entrance of The Marketplace at Steamtown, past the traditional stores and the holiday decorations you'd expect to see in a mall this time of year. It's all for something you wouldn't expect to find in a mall.

Six tanks brought in on Wednesday will be home to some of the aquarium's animals.

"It's pretty cool," said Lisa Vought at Hair Palace. "I'm trying to figure out how they're going to fit it in."

The process drew an audience and took most of the day.

The Marketplace at Steamtown is using some of its empty storefronts to hold the tanks for now. Two tanks will eventually hold sharks.

Some of the marketplace's longest running tenants, like Hair Palace, say the unusual addition may be just what they need.

"We've been waiting and waiting and waiting," said Lucille Goodwin. "Everybody's talking about the aquarium and now it looks like this is it, this is the beginning, this is the hope that everybody's waiting for."

"Malls are dying because of the internet, all that other stuff, so, I think this is a great thing. I'm excited, really happy to see this happening finally," said Shirley Owens.

The owners say bringing in the tanks is the first major step in construction. They hope to have everything finished in five months.

"Typically an aquarium of this size, and what it has, doesn't usually fit in a mall. However, it will in downtown Scranton. We're very excited, the people have been waiting for this for months, we kind of promised it this year. It will be spring 2018 delivered, and sealed, and open for the public," said Ben Lorenzetti.

Part of the construction will require a few dozen steel reinforcement beams to go in to support the weight of the aquarium tanks.