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Women in Dallas County Jail find a second chance through special program

You're getting a look from behind the locked doors.

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DALLAS, TX — You're getting a look from behind the locked doors.

A program offered within the Dallas County Jail called Resolana offers the women inside an opportunity to find the root of their problems.

"I have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, I had a job and 2 beautiful children, married to my husband for 13 years," said inmate Tammy Magee. "Here I sit in stripes."

Resolana is run by Volunteers of America. It lets inmates write and perform a collection of original poetry, plays, and songs written to display their different journeys.

"Most of the women have experienced sexual and physical abuse as children," said Resolana program coordinator Lesley Mohney. "Many of them have been victims of domestic violence in their adult life."

Women in the program are able to look back at what landed them in jail, to determine how to move towards a successful future.

"I hope that everyone can see that just because we're behind bars doesn't mean we're not like you guys," said inmate Stephanie Robertson.

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