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Woman who had car stolen a day before due date gets her baby and car back on same day

Posted November 16, 2017 10:51 a.m. EST

— A happy ending for a story 2 Works for You brought you on Halloween night.

It's time for a diaper change, Baby Bennett's eyes wide open.

Born November 6, almost a week late, but as things panned out, he was right on time.

"Five hours later I was in my recovery room with my baby and Howard's phone rings," said Tulsa resident Ashley Thurman.

2 Works for You was there days before when Ashley was panicked.

"Take whatever you want out of it, keep the rims, just give me my car back."

Her car gone just a day before her due date.

But with her feet hanging over a hospital bed, hours-old Bennett in her arms...

"It's the Tulsa Police Department saying they had recovered my car and we could come pick it up right then."

It was found.

"I was so surprised because I didn't think I was ever going to see it again."

Someone spotted the car near the corner of Newton and Quanah.

It was covered in tarp, completely empty with pieces of it missing.

They called police and police called Ashley.

"I didn't get my hopes up and I'm glad I didn't because it made it that much better to get that call."

That someone was Ebony Smith's mother 11 miles from Ashley's home.

"When family brought her home they noticed an SUV to the side of the house covered up. A huge SUV."

The looks of it made her uneasy.

"We never touched it or anything we just called the police."

Now, gazing into her beautiful boy's eyes Ashley only has one word for the coincidence.

"He's a miracle, I think God had a lot to do with it. The timing was perfect."

And a prayer for whoever's responsible.

"For someone to take stuff that they don't have any right to I feel like all I can do is pray for them."

Ashley said after repairs are made to her car she will definitely have a tracking device put on it to make sure this never happens again.