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Woman's car stolen from auto shop after she drops it off

Posted July 19, 2017 12:27 p.m. EDT

— One Omaha woman is now looking for her stolen car. She says someone took it when she dropped it off for repairs at Jensen Tire & Auto Shop.

"Ma'am I'm so sorry but we don't have your car. Our lock box was broken into," says Jessie Schnieder. She dropped her car off Sunday night.

She says she dropped the keys and a note in that same drop box that was broken into by someone.

"They didn't even know my car was there,"says Schnieder.

"I've used my vehicle to pick up donations from other agencies to take donations to other agencies."

The shop is at 90th and Bedford. FOX 42 reached out to Jensen Tire & Auto. The manager says they did not want to comment.

"I feel like this could have been prevented if the lock box had a funnel of some kind where the keys would drop into the actual building that has a security alarm system".

Schnieder license plates reads "SNEEDER". Omaha Police are still investigating, if you have any information--give them a call.