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Woman's 911 calls about bear stuck inside car released

Posted May 23, 2018 4:21 p.m. EDT

— A vandal destroyed a woman's car in Canton, but it wasn't a human as you'd expect.

The suspect is about five feet tall, 240 pounds, and is a bear.

Even now when Linda Morad looks at the damage done to her car, she can't believe a bear did it.

"The devastation in there is just incredible. It's like spaghetti," said Morad.

The destruction happened on Friday night, when Morad, who was house-sitting for a friend in Canton, saw her car lights turn on and heard strange noises coming from outside.

That's when she called 911.

"I'm here alone and I think there's someone in my car," she said in the 911 call. "The lights are on and I went out to kind of check it out and I hear noise in there."

The noise got louder, and she called the police again to warn them that whatever was inside the car was making a lot of racket.

"The horn is beeping now. This is getting really creepy," she said in the 911 call. "The lights are dimming, the horn is beeping like crazy. I'm seeing stuff moving around in the car."

When police arrived, they couldn't believe what they saw.

"I'm going 'oh my goodness gracious.' I was flabbergasted. I mean a bear a full-size bear," said Morad.

They took pictures of a full-grown black bear inside her car. The animal got in through her unlocked driver's door but exiting proved much trickier.

The officers let the bear out by simply opening a door.

The bear ran straight into the woods but he left his mark behind. There were plenty of hairs, claw marks, and feces left inside the car.

Morad's insurance company told her the car is totaled.

While she's not happy about that, she's mostly just relieved that both she and the bear are not injured.

"I probably think we both were as scared. Me inside the house wondering what was going on and the bear trying to get out, the poor thing," said Morad.

She said she wanted to tell her story so she could warn others.

She didn't have any food in her car except one single banana, but she had brought a bag of garbage to the dump earlier in the day, so that smell perhaps drew the bear toward the car.