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With nod from reality star, Raleigh moms grow party planning business

Posted January 1, 2017 7:59 p.m. EST

Tonya Terry and Taja Evans, Raleigh moms, launched the party planning business in 2016.

Tonya Terry and Taja Evans are Raleigh moms with a talent for party planning. And they joined forces recently to launch Two the Tee, a party planning business.

With plenty of experience planning parties for their own children, the duo started out organizing parties just for kids. But, after some early successes, including a mention from a reality TV star, they've since branched out, working on events of all types.

The two women, both moms of two (their youngest kids are just days apart), answered some questions for a Q&A. Here's our email discussion:

Go Ask Mom: Why did you decide to start Two the Tee Party Planning?

Tonya and Taja: After years of planning over the top parties for our kids, we realized how passionate we were about party planning and celebrations. With both of us having two small children and being stay-at-home moms, we decided this would be a great business to help our families and to inspire young women, other stay-at-home moms or even divorced/single women to do what they love.

GAM: What all do you offer?

Tonya and Taja: We offer everything one would need for a celebration from invitations to the full creative design package including planning, decor, catering, event design, custom high chairs, props and more.

GAM: You just got the endorsement of reality star Masika Kalysha from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood on VH1. How did that all happen? How did you guys help her?

Tonya: After working in the entertainment business for several years as a relationship manager for Masika Kalysha, and now co-owner of Two the Tee, we are continuing the connection and assisting her with planning a beautiful christening celebration for her daughter.

GAM: What is your vision for the perfect party? How do you work with your client's expectations?

Tonya and Taja: Our vision for the perfect party is to bring to life the desires of our client while taking their wishes and ideas to the highest level of expertise.

GAM: How do you hope the business will grow?

Tonya and Taja: We hope to grow and expand to a facility where we have the space to host a variety of events and special celebrations of all sizes.

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