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Winston-Salem family asking for help finding dog they believe was taken during home break-in

Posted December 14, 2017 2:03 p.m. EST

— A Winston-Salem family is asking for the public's help finding their dog they believe was taken during a home break-in Tuesday afternoon.

"It's rough. We just want her back. You can keep everything, just bring her back," said Donnie Chilton, the dog's owner. "No questions asked, we need her."

Chilton says the dog's name is Daisy, and she's an 11-year-old, 10-pound chiapoo.

"To some people it's a dog, to me and her it's family," Chilton said, while standing next to his wife.

The Chiltons say they were made aware that their home, which is located on Lullington Drive in the Ardmore area of Winston-Salem, was broken into around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon. They began surveying the home and realized that, not only were items missing, but Daisy as well. They believe Daisy was taken because she is so well-mannered that the culprits could have decided to take her too.

The family canvassed the area around their home but there was no sign of Daisy.

"This is bad because we don't know if she's hurt, we don't know if she's scared, we don't know if she's suffering," Chilton said. "We don't know anything and that's the part we don't like."

Chilton added that Daisy is very friendly and will come up to you if you mention a "treat." Anyone who finds the dog is asked to contact the Winston-Salem Police Department so they can help get Daisy home for the holidays.