Winners & Wind Stories

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Thank you for sharing many great stories on the Oldest Thing in Your Closet blog. My favorites included the red vest, the blue fuzzy and the 118 year old dress. However, since I need to pick a winner I am going with the following from rucontento2:

"The oldest thing in my closet is a pair of plaid, seersucker, elephant bells (bell bottom pants with a very wide leg!) that I bought at the underground in Cameron Village in the early 70's. The waist is really small now - by about 8 inches. But the fabric has colors that I like... I would like to part with them - but I keep thinking that one day I could wear them to Walmart and someone would snap my picture."

If rucontento2 will email me at with name and address information I will send the winner a signed copy of my book Blue Ridge Reunion.

For today’s topic I would like to discuss the weather. What is your all-time best story about the power of wind? Maybe you were buffeted on a swinging bridge or lost your kite in a ferocious gust or were knocked down during a hurricane. Please share your windy tales.

One other question: what’s your favorite song about the wind? My favorite is The Last Leaf by the Cascades. Also, I wrote a wind song for Bragh Adair called Mitchell’s Lament.   It’s a pretty haunting melody.

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