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Wilson County horse owner surrenders three animals

Posted April 10, 2009 11:35 a.m. EDT

— A Wilson County horse owner surrendered three animals to authorities April 1 after an inspection showed their living conditions and feeding were inadequate.

Two sheriff’s deputies found the horses, owned by George Lee Edwards Parker, 46, of 204 Hamilton Road in Fountain, had very little food or water, looked "to be skinny” and had “very noticeable” ribs, hips and back bones. Dr. Steven Walker, of Countryside Animal Hospital, examined the horses and his findings convinced Parker to surrender three horses. He was able to keep four horses which were in better health.

County authorities had been working with Parker to improve the horses’ conditions after a tip, but a check on April 1 found no improvement.

Maj. Mickey Wilson, director of Wilson County Animal Enforcement, said animal owners struggling in the down economy can contact the county for help with feeding or housing.

Parker’s three horses were turned over to the Equine Rescue League which will arrange for their treatment and rehabilitation, Wilson said.

Parker faces three charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty.