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Wild preview of Extreme Couponing Season 2

Posted September 2, 2011 1:09 p.m. EDT


You are not going to believe what you see on this preview from season 2 of Extreme Couponing! This season looks to be even more disturbing than the first with a preview of a woman....FROM NC...who appears to take great pride in shelf clearing. Warning: the following video may cause fits of couponer rage! Click HERE for the video and scroll down to the second picture of the couponer to watch the video (the first one is just a picture, not the actual video).

I admit, I wasted too many minutes of my life reading the comments under the article and it appears that Michelle, the person shelf-clearing in the video, is also posting comments. She posts repeatedly to make sure you watch the whole show because the video does not tell the whole story. Such drama, but the general consensus is that shelf clearing = bad. I sure hope the rest of the show does not continue on this ethically challenged theme, but I am not hopeful. Maybe she does actually give the guy looking for the granola bars a few of them from the entire stock he watched her take.  Maybe she even offers him some coupons for them. THAT would be a nice twist! If you think the stores are cracking down now, another season of What Not To Do in Couponing will certainly prompt continued coupon policy belt tightening.

My only advice is to continue being respectful couponers who don't shelf-clear, don't throw fits at the register about a silly coupon and don't think that they can actually buy 100 of an item and use 100 coupons at any of our area stores.

Your turn...any comments?