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Wife of soldier missing since 2014 talks with CBS46

Amanda Massner hasn't spoken publicly since her husband Chase was reported missing in 2014.

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COBB COUNTY, GA — Amanda Massner hasn't spoken publicly since her husband Chase was reported missing in 2014.

Chase Massner, who was 26 when he went missing in Kennesaw, was last seen in March of 2014 at a fast food restaurant near the convenience store at which he worked. Massner spent four years in the Army and served one year in Iraq.

When he disappeared, his story gained national media attention, but police said they weren't actively searching for him because they had no reason to suspect foul play. Six months later, police said the disappearance was a suspicious missing person's case and began to investigate. A friend of Massner came forward with a different story of his disappearance, prompting the investigation.

Amanda Massner says she and Chase had been experiencing problems when he left to stay at his mother's house but had a change of heart and wanted to work things out.

She says that once she went to pick him up, she quickly realized the very thing that had played a part in their split, depression.

Amanda says her husband lived with bipolar disorder and became agitated minutes after they left his mother's home on the way back to their house.

"He's threatening to jump out of the car and punching the dash. (He) wants to walk away but obviously I'm not going to let him," said Amanda Massner.

Conflicting stories

Brad Clement, a friend who was in contact with him around the time he vanished, said he picked him up from a Quick Trip where he worked. Clement said Chase had called him saying he had been fighting with his wife and needed someone to speak with.

Clement said the two went back to Clement's home where they spent the night talking. He said at some point Chase fell asleep in an upstairs bedroom while Clement worked on his computer.

Clement said during the daytime of the March 28, he left his home twice-once to take a computer to a friend, the second time to shop at a hardware store and a nearby grocery store.

He said he took Chase's phone with him to ensure that Chase would stay at his house until he returned. When Clement arrived after completing his errands, he gave him his phone and recommended he call his wife to invite her and his daughters for a barbecue.

Clement said he left to start the grill, which resulted in him accidentally catching his backyard on fire. When he went to tell Chase about the yard fire, he was gone and has not been seen since.

Clement said the roofers doing maintenance on the house-who were at the location earlier that morning-told him they saw Chase leave.

CBS46 spoke with the owner of the roofing company who said, however, at no point did he or any of his workers ever see him leave the house.

In fact, the roofing company owner said they never saw Chase at Clement's home.

In an exclusive interview, CBS46's Daniel Wilkerson asked Clement about the conflicting accounts. Clement said he "assumed" the roofer had to have seen Chase leave, regarding the past statements he made when being questioned by police.

Early in the investigation, police asked Clement if he would take a polygraph, which he declined, saying his emotions were high and feared it would yield inaccurate results.

Cold Case Reopens

CBS46 has learned investigators with the District Attorney's office cold case unit now suspects foul play, but that's about all they'll say. As for Amanda Massner, she now lives out of state with the couple's two young daughters.

She says whether Chase was a victim of his own demons or something else is at play, she and her children are now at peace.

Meanwhile, the reward for information leading to Chase Massner has been increased to $10,000.

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