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Widow's phone disappears, along with pictures of late husband

Posted June 22, 2018 3:35 p.m. EDT

— Charyn Selig lost her husband in January.

Thursday night, she may have lost the photos she has of him.

"My husband was killed in January," she said. "And I want those pictures back so badly."

Glenn Selig was in Kabul, Afghanistan in January.

He was killed when terrorists raided the Intercontinental Hotel.

Charyn and their children spent the last five months trying to put their lives back together.

A vacation in West Palm Beach from their home in Tampa was part of that.

But as they were leaving the Palm Beach Outlets Thursday night, Charyn couldn't find her phone.

"We backtracked and we looked for it and we can't find it," Charyn said.

Charyn called police.

They're reviewing security video but as of right now, the phone is missing.

But it's not the phone that's so important.

It's the photos on the phone, photos of a husband and a father, photos that aren't saved anywhere else.

"To not have him, to lose anything more…," Charyn said, sobbing. "It just makes me feel so completely out of sorts to not have him, to not have the photos. I need it back."

If you can help locate Charyn's phone, please call the West Palm Beach police.