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'Whoever wins, we lose:' Six arrested among around 200 protesters in downtown Raleigh march

Several businesses in Raleigh boarded up last week over possible protests on Friday, but decided to keep the plywood up over concerns the election's outcome could lead to violence.

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Aaron Thomas
, WRAL reporter & Leslie Moreno, WRAL reporter
RALEIGH, N.C. — A group of about 200 protesters marched through the streets of downtown Raleigh Tuesday night.

Some were chanting, "Whoever wins (the election) we lose," while others burned small American flags.

Clockwise from top left: Daniel Mahoney, Annas Nowak, Jacob Law, Max Henry-Williams, Claire Fraleigh and Zoe Schwandt (Raleigh police photos)

Six protesters were arrested following fireworks and others items being thrown at police. The move lead police to declare the assembly "unlawful."

The demonstration broke up just after 10 p.m.

Those arrested include:

  • Daniel Nathan Mahoney, 30, charged with Assault on LEO/Failure to Disperse
  • Annas Elizabeth Nowak, 19, charged with Disorderly Conduct/ Failure to Disperse
  • Jacob Taylor Law, 24, charged with Resist, Delay, Obstruct/Failure to Disperse
  • Max Sebastian Henry-Williams, 26, charged with Assault on LEO / Resist, Delay, Obstruct
  • Claire Elaine Fraleigh, 20, charged with Assault on LEO / Resist, Delay, Obstruct
  • Zoe Christina Schwandt, 26, charged with Failure to Disperse

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said no decision has been made on whether the city will be under a curfew in the following days following election results.

Authorities had prepared earlier in the evening for a potential night of unrest in the wake of the 2020 presidential election.

Fences and barricades were placed, including around the State Capitol building, in downtown Raleigh earlier in the day.

Several businesses in Raleigh boarded up last week over possible racial justice protests on Friday and decided to keep the plywood up over concerns that Tuesday's election's outcome could lead to violence.

"It's sad we got to the point we had to close up stores," said shopper Samantha Poithress.

A protest has been planned for election night with one flier stating, "Hit the polls and hit the streets."

Poithress said she fears unrest about election results.

"You don't have to use violence to get your point across," she said.

Local business owners said they continue to monitor the situation closely in anticipation of protests.

"We want to prevail there is a positive response even though this is a charged election," said Dr. Joe Stevenson, a pastor at Macedonia New Life Church.

Faith leaders are calling for peace, regardless of who wins the election.

"I believe in peaceful protest. I believe people should have their voice heard and have their voices heard, but I believe you cross a line when you damage property because these are people's livelihood," said Stevenson.

Several businesses in Triangle Town Center planned to close early on Tuesday night.


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