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White House has no regrets about touting economy despite swings

Posted February 6, 2018 4:14 p.m. EST

— White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday the White House is "very comfortable with where we are right now" when it comes to the economy, despite the Wall Street roller coaster of the past couple of days.

Sanders reiterated that the economy is "incredibly strong" and that we are "infinitely better off today" than before President Donald Trump got into office, citing low unemployment numbers and increasing wages.

The Dow finished up 567 points, the fourth-largest single-day point gain in history, though overall it represents 2.3%, not close to a record. It marked a huge upswing after Monday's historic 1,175-point loss.

Sanders also said that the President has no regrets on taking credit for the stock market for months on end as it rose during the beginning part of his presidency.

"Does the President have second thoughts about taking credit for a booming economy? Absolutely not," Sanders said.