While Friday starts warm, cold weekend is ahead

Posted February 8, 2019 6:31 a.m. EST

Friday morning was off to a mild start, with temperatures in the 60s across most of central North Carolina.

Those temperatures will peak around lunchtime near 70 degrees. But after that, it’s a steady drop to the 40s.

Hour-by-hour temperature change

Although winds from the southwest are keeping the morning pleasant, a shift will allow winds from the northwest to bring in cold air.

“It’s going to have a little bit of a bite to it,” meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

It will be in the 50s by 6 p.m. and in the 40s by 8 p.m.

Current Temperatures, DMA

Saturday morning will be much colder, with temperatures in the low 30s.

Most of the weekend will be dry. Rain will move in late Sunday and stick around most of Monday. Gardner said up to an inch of rain could fall.

7-Day Forecast