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Where is the whirl at Cary's Ritter Park?

That spinny thing that was so popular with kids at Ritter Park in Cary is gone. Will it come back?

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
I was over at Cary's Ritter Park over the weekend looking forward to spinning my daughter on what, until today, I called that "spinny, merry-go-round type thing where the kids sit in this bowl and other kids spin them around."

But it was gone! An orange cone stood in its place. Two other moms, both named Heather, also mourned its disappearance. And we all wondered whether it would come back. I told the Heathers that I was on the case.

And I learned some good news today. According to Larry Dempsey of Cary's parks department, it will return, though there really is no timeline right now. The piece, which Dempsey tells me is called a "whirl," was removed about six weeks or so ago because there was a small piece that posed a danger to kids. Thankfully, it was still under warranty. So the town is in the process of getting it all sorted out and getting the whirl back in Ritter Park.

"It's coming back," Dempsey promised.

But as Ritter Park fans know, there is still plenty to do at the park, including a popular playground, ball fields and a greenway connection. Ritter Park is at 301 Lochmere Dr. West.


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