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Where is the Go Ask Mom consignment sale list?

I've gotten this question from three different people in three different days. So I figured I'd better point everybody in the right direction.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

So three different people in the last three days have asked or emailed me about the Go Ask Mom consignment sale list wondering where it was.

I've taken it as a sign that maybe there are others out there who missed it. I launched the list in mid-July and have been adding to it pretty steadily, including new ones in Willow Spring and Butner.
As I wrote over the weekend, this week really launches consignment sale season with four sales this week - Divine Consign Show and Triangle Mothers of Twins and Triplets sale in Raleigh; Upscale Resale in Cary; and Kidcycle in Chapel Hill.

And there are many, many more.

So here's the searchable consignment sale list for the fall/winter season. And if you come back in a couple of weeks looking for it, just know that it will always be in the "Don't Miss It" section of the website, which sits just below the second post on the front page of Go Ask Mom. If you don't see it among the first five posts or stories in the "Don't Miss It" section, just use the arrows to scroll through and you'll find it.
Please let me know if anybody has any questions! Just post it in the comments or email me.

Thanks! Happy shopping!



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