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What was your worst concert ever?

We want to know the best and worst concerts you've been to.

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Kathy Hanrahan

A few weeks ago, I tweeted about an upcoming Nickelback and Bush concert at Walnut Creek scheduled on July 30. The reactions were classic. 

People hate Nickelback with a passion I have never seen before.

But someone has to be buying those albums to keep them around? Right? Hmm...

Being a concert photographer for about 13 years, I have seen some great shows. And some terrible ones! 

The whole Nickelback thing got me thinking about the worst concerts I've been to.

I'll go first:

My worst concert was Buckcherry in the early 2000s - Not sure who they were opening for, but the lead singer sounded like a dying cat. It was awful. The band didn't even sound good. I was shooting the show (and I didn't photograph them because the music was just too awful), but I remember thinking about the poor people who paid to see this. Maybe they are much better now...I hope. 
Lady Gaga

On the flip side: The best concert I've seen is a toss-up between Lady Gaga and the Barenaked Ladies. 



Your turn: Tell me the worst and best concerts you've been to. 


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