What Roy Wood Jr. Can’t Travel Without

Posted June 19, 2018 4:08 p.m. EDT

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. has been a correspondent on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” since 2015. He is currently hosting the channel’s “This Is Not Happening,” a Comedy Central series in which comics perform stand-up about their real-life experiences.

Like most working comedians, Wood travels frequently to perform. “Generally speaking, I’m on the road two weekends a month. It used to be three to four but now, on ‘The Daily Show,’ I’m usually on the road six days total.” Despite this, he rarely has time to enjoy a new city. “The weird thing about ‘The Daily Show’ is the show goes someplace nice but because we’re there to get the story and get the hell out, you don’t really have enough time to sit and enjoy the place.”

His accommodation needs are minimal.

“I’m coming from the road, where I was a guy who was thankful just to have the room. You know, you start out sleeping in your car, you’re sleeping in motor lodges, and then Super 8s, and then you work your way up to a really nice Marriott. You’re just happy that you’re not in a Super 8 where homeless people and prostitutes are knocking on your door at 2 in the morning, asking if they can borrow your toilet. As long as no one’s knocking on my door asking if they can use my toilet, as long as I’m in a hotel room where I don’t have to open my door to check on my car — which is sitting right there — I’m comfortable. The closer your car is to the front door of your hotel room, the harder you need to work as a comedian.”

Here’s what he packs for every trip.

Gaming Equipment

“I just bought a Nintendo Switch that I think is going to be pretty essential going forward. I enjoy video games, but I hate traveling with a console. Thankfully, the PlayStation has something called Remote Play where you can stream your PlayStation to your laptop. So I found a single PlayStation controller. Remote play is more for people playing alone. You’re not going to have a good house party on a 13-inch laptop.”

Galaxy Tab S3

“It does a lot of cool stuff, but one of its primary purposes is access to my home DVR when I’m on the road. I’m backlogged on the DVR — everything from super serious Netflix documentaries to ‘Lethal Weapon’ to ‘The Bachelorette.'”

Sudoku Book

“Sudoku is intellectual melatonin. And for me, it’s something that helps to clear my mind. I love playing number games, and puzzles, stuff like that. Before a show it’s something that I enjoy doing, because my brain feels like a cable news channel where there’s three squares, and there’s scrolls and there’s a rundown on the side, and the weather is coming in on another bar, and there’s just a million things going on. When I just really need to clear my mind and really settle, Sudoku has a way of doing that for me. And also, if I’m having trouble falling asleep on the plane, I just start a Sudoku and I fall asleep every time. Because it’s hard, and the harder it gets, the more boring it gets, and then I just want to sleep.”

Four-Wheel Bags

“It’s probably the only thing I’m a stickler for. I like four-wheel upright bags because they roll easier. Samsonites are always good. Maybe one day in life when I’m successful, I can afford that nice Tumi bag that I’ve always been waiting on. That’s my goal in life: a nice four-wheel upright Tumi.”


“There’s this brown-sugar candle from Fresh that I like. And if I remember to pack it, that usually puts the hotel room in a really nice kind of mood if I’m writing. That’s just from me opening for other comedians and going backstage at their shows and seeing the flowers and the scents and all types of stuff, and I’m just like, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot! This stuff helps you mentally relax!'”

Old Magazines

“This sounds stupid but if I buy a magazine, I’m determined to read it. No matter what the issue is. I have an Essence magazine from like June 2015 that, damn it, I’m going to finish! And I have an issue of Fast Company that’s asking, ‘Is Bitcoin Worth the Hype?’ It’s like from 2015, or something. I guess I should’ve read that.”