Weight Loss Celebration

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Nine pounds down. One to go! The Ten Pounds Down Weight Loss Challenge is in the home stretch. My bathroom scales read 175 early this morning when I plopped my sleepy feet on them. I began this campaign at 184 lbs. So, I'm almost there. How is everyone else doing?

I tried grilled tuna medallions this week on the recommendation of registered dietitian Tara Wind. My wife Cindy likes to take a break from salmon so tuna made a nice substitute. Gotta have those omega three fatty acids!
I also found Greek yogurt to be more filling than the regular Harris-Teeter brand light yogurt I had been eating but it also contains more sugar.

I indulged in a couple of desserts last weekend. Morganton's Laura E. Smith, the daughter of the late Senator Sam Ervin, had a group of us over to her beautiful home prior to a book signing at Grace Ridge. Laura served a delicious chocolate cake with ice cream. I also had a nice chocolate treat at my sister's home in Blowing Rock. For the most part I have been steering clear of desserts and most bread in my quest to shed ten pounds. However, I do plan to celebrate with a rich dessert when I reach my final goal of 174 pounds next week.

Today's question: what decadent dessert would you recommend for my weight loss celebration? Feel free to suggest a specific restaurant, ice cream shop or personal recipe. Thanks for making me salivate.

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