From Phillip in Gulf

Posted May 26, 2011 7:04 p.m. EDT

Fish..congrats my man, hope you stick around at least another decade?

I met you many moons ago in the Goldston Christmas parade..We were lined up beside each other..I with the Chatham central band (Blowin a mean tenor sax) was amazed at how humble,honest and intelligent you were. (U owe me)

Seriously, my friend & I hit you with a barrage of questions from metorology to sports & Penn St. & despite bone chilling cold & our ridiculous uniforms you talked with us like you were part of our crew. It was my first glimpse at that easiness about you that draws others attention. My Grandmother loved some Greg too son! (She also loved some Pam Saulsby)

Man you know whats up...when it comes to weather...Greg to tha Fishel & thats the official word from the G-Town.