From Shelly in Va.

Greg's words reassured this family on a vacation to Emerald Isle.

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My mother adored Greg Fishel.

In August of 1986, the month of Hurricane Charlie, we took her to Emerald Isle for vacation. The night that we arrived, Charlie joined us. The following morning, a Sunday, we were told to evacuate the island.

As we started out, we found a solid line of traffic from the western bridge almost to Pine Knoll Shores, near where we were staying. We sat in the line, beneath the power lines, waiting for the storm to hit.

The local radio announcers continued to insure us that we were waiting for a major hurricane and that is was absolutely crucial to leave Emerald Isle.

After a couple of hours in line, one of the announcers said that they had Greg Fishel, from Raleigh's WRAL, on the telephone. Greg then said that the hurricane had passed several hours earlier and that we were completely safe.

As the cars began making U-turns to make their way back to their beach cottages, my mothers demeanor changed completely, as if she had heard the Oracle of Delphi tell her that everything was going to be well.

She passed away a few weeks later and that is one of the last, fond memories

that I have of her.


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