From Rob in Wendell

Posted May 25, 2011 7:59 p.m. EDT

A few years after Greg landed at WRAL, Greg and Bob D were in line at Wendy's behind me and a college buddy. It was a beautiful Spring day.  

Unfortunately, Greg predicted rain all day long on the previous day's evening news. So me and my college buddy proceeded to comment aloud how it was a good thing we brought our umbrellas so we wouldn't get wet.

Greg listened for about 30 seconds of that and replied, "Alllllrigghhtt...I missed it pretty bad, it happens." We laughed and exchanged some small talk and Greg was just a pleasant guy and took the ribbing in good fun.

I have remained in the Raleigh area after graduating from NCSU and have watched Greg ever since. (Before that I watched Bob D as a child growing up in Fayetteville.)