From Cheryl of Wilson

Posted May 19, 2011 9:58 p.m. EDT

My nephew, Neal Anning, from the Saratoga/Wilson area was a special needs child, a wonderful nephew, and a great fan of Greg's. We lost Neal in 1990 at the age of 12.

Most recently the ARC of Wilson was celebrating the retirement of the director of ARC for many years, Kay Bunch. During the celebration, slides were shown of many children that had been Kay's children. I was surprised and proud to see that Neal's picture from all those years ago was included in the slides. As
Neal's aunt, it bought tears to my eyes. I talked with Kay after the celebration and she told me that she kept the picture of Neal on her board all those years and one thing that she so remembered about Neal was that he got on the bus every morning and said, "Do you know what Greg Fishel said today?"


Well Greg, what do you thik of that? You had such an impact on a very special little boy that he started his day by telling everyone what Greg Fishel said that morning.

Best of luck, Greg, for many years to come.