From Dawn M.

Posted May 18, 2011 4:48 p.m. EDT

Happy 30th Anniversary. May you have many more anniversaries.

My family & I are new to the area.

We went to WRAL Gardens & what a sight. It was Sunday the day after the tornadoes had come that we were there. I remember the day you would go into the fountain if we had measureable snow. So we took pictures of me pretending to fall in the fountain. At that time, I was saying, Greg Fishel where are you? That day, the weather was beautiful to see the gardens & we were impressed. I loved both fountains, chime(s) & flowers all around.

You are the best & I love your sense of humor too. Thank you for the Weather Call for my area. It surely helps alot & I am grateful for this service.

Again, keep up the great work you're doing & Happy 30th Anniversary. Surely would like to meet you in