From Doug

Posted May 14, 2011 8:52 p.m. EDT

I don't know which is the most alarming after 30 yrs., the hairdo change or the framesize. What has happened to you fellow Quaker?!

I do believe you perfectly understand the dual roles you play and separate them very well. The scientific presence in the forecast is more explanatory in vision and details; but, you light sided humorous levity tells us you're not just a quirky nerd but likeable nut, as well.

Your service has been wonderful to the viewers you reach. God has given you a gift as a communicator, a humorist, and a very wonderful reassuring individual. I still remember the work you did with the the other guy, the body builder-- that hurricane is '84 I beleive,. Boy was the techology so crude back then. Do they know in Lancaster County what you have been doing these past years. Not to worry, your secret life is safe.

Well done, Lord Greg of the Meteorlogical Manor.